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    Spain peoples! Anyone have any goals or aims for the Spain trip?  Always good to have goals whether its a certain route or a certain grade.  Maybe you want to do get your first outdoor lead, climb 6b ( betsie 😉  )  or climb a nails route like Viejo traidor.

    Aims for Spain in the following order

    1. Finish the week with an ankle I can still walk on
    2. make sure Sinead climbs 6b!
    3. consume my weight in Chorizo
    4. drink my weight in wine
    5. get revenge on Cita en Sevilla and Little Brown Baby
    6. climb Viejo traidor
    7. slackline over the swimming pool again and get a free bottle of beer!


    Slackline the pool is definitely one, Lead 6c clean maybe that stupid 7a Poema De Roca that’s all power 😀



    To organise a few “Fuck your Spain trip” outings and

    • Touch some real rock again
    • Harness the power of decade old shoes
    • Stop being a jessie
    • Climb all the things
    • Drink all the things


    Goals For Spain 2014

    • Climb Blade Runner and the famous pinnacle
    • Swim every morning in the freezing pool 🙂
    • Drink lots of cheap bottles of Vino
    • Celebrate my Birthday in style
    • Climb 6b by the end of the trip
    • Have an amazing time with all my betsi’s




    Goals, ambitions, aims, etc

    • Climb 6b by end of trip
    • Become super strong
    • swim and slackline everyday
    • Have the banter. VIVA ESPANA
    • Climb Pinnacle
    • Venture along the el camino del Rey
    • Climb till my fingers bleed then climb some more
    • Get a sun tan 😀
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    1. Get there on my own to start with.

    2. Lead 6b at some point.

    3. Lead Bladerunner if I can reach the bolts

    4. Get in the pool at last. (I’m  Freezingcoldwaterphobic)

    5. Do a  multipitch






    1. Camino del Rey
    2. Amptrax
    3. Don’t die




    Amptrax looks awesome, I’m up for it too, someone else needs to do Rogelio as well – Michael, Henry, Kev and I did it last year breaking the “if you do Rogelio you’re gonna have a bad time” trend – this needs to be continued.

    Also buying a BUCKET of these:

    (Right size this year…)

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    1. Drink wine


    3. Win the spoon game

    4. Get a better tan than you Irish folk 😉

    5. Climb in between completing goals 1 – 4



    New goal. Beat Siobhan at spoon game in revenge for last year, push siobhan in swimming pool at 2 in the morning



    New goal, as above.

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