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    I have finally come to the realisation that jeans and the waterproofs I had from scouts when I was 12 will not do anymore.

    Looking for something stretchy (mildly waterproof) and good for walk-ins and bouldering – pockets would be nice too 🙂

    Any advice?


    I would say get some of those craghopper boyos. normally filthy cheap at TK Maxx and they do well for climbing as well.

    I do like the moon Cyphers for climbing in. Much more durable than craghopper and have a good crotch action (woof)

    Ronan will tell you to go to primark and get strechy jeans but this is a man who wears jeggins so do not trust him



    The Craghopper Kiwi Pants are really comfortable, can be found occasionally in TK Maxx for the price of a cup of tea and are flipping bombproof.

    Alternative ones for climbing in and good for general hiking if you ever go for a dander – Quechua make a really comfy pair of outdoor trousers. Speak to Fyfe as he has a red pair. (As does Ronan and Stuart).

    Happy Christmas to you both – Prebble, try not to drown!


    How to obtain perfect trousers that excel at everything from bouldering to mountaineering.

    Step one: Buy generic trackies.
    Step two: Buy some paint, the brighter it is the more effective the trousers.
    Step three: Print out some shapes, the sillier the better.
    Step four: Now lay the shapes over the trousers and paint.
    Step five: Leave to dry
    Step six: Climb all the things and be the envy of all your mates.



    Why would I be drowning Niall? Are you drunk on Potatoes?


    On offer in my size:


    I have a £20 Cotswold voucher to use as well..



    As I know you like brightly coloured things Myles (basing this on the fact you own lime green skiing trousers).  I believe you may like these, stretchy, more wind resistant than the stretchy Craghoppers, and more environmentally friendly if that tickles your fancy too!



    Depends how heavy a trouser you like. I find I get daftly sweaty hiking in anything other than thin trousers (except in Scotland). Judging from the “handwarmer pockets” I would say those trousers are thick enough.

    For bouldering specific you want a gusset crotch. Just means they never prevent you getting into a daft position.

    Also, highly approve of the bright colour.


    Craghoppers are grand, but they’re not as wind resistant as higher end trousers. In terms of durability, I’ve had mine for about a year and they’re not in the best of conditions. Don’t get me wrong, they’re a good trouser, but don’t rely on them to last forever.  I know so as I have 2 pairs of Craghopper Kiwi Pro Stretch Trousers and a Convertible pair.

    The Haglofs Mid-Fell pant are amazing… If you’re 6 ft 4″. They’ve a very long leg and don’t have a short option (Or they do and I’m just oblivious to this fact.) They are great trousers, but the leg length is 33/34. In other words, too long for use with climbing shoes unless you roll them up.

    The Mountain Equipment Ibex pant are a slightly more expensive than Craghoppers but still cheaper than the Haglofs (unless they’re on offer… You’d think I’d know by now…). They are better than Craghoppers by a country mile. Venting zips, pockets, better, integrated belt, more wind resistant, better, warm, better. Did I mention they were better? They are also harder wearing. They’re a slim fit, so they’re a better fit and don’t catch when climbing with them.



    Stick to jeans, they are grand for all activities


    So I bought me some Hagloof Lizard’s – with £35 off 😀

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