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    Few suggestions for updating the website;

    In the Forum

    1. Subdivision of the Routes section into categories. Separate sections for Trad/Sport/Bouldering/Indoor/Winter/Alpine. Was something me and Tom talked about last year for the old forum. Basically it means that the likes of Tom, who is predominately a Trad and Sport climber does not need to trawl through a load of Winter reports to get to the previous report about Fairhead or the Mournes. Simple way of keeping the Forum tidy.

    2. Same for the Trip reports section – if you want to read about Freshers Trip to refresh your memory at the end of the year, you don’t want to be trawling through reports from other trips before hand.

    3. Keep the shite talk limited to one section of the forum – similar to other forums like for instance UKC. Also, watch what is said on the forum. Last thing you want is some complaints going to the Union about abusive language/sexist remarks etc etc. Possibly emulate the “Pub” type format that they have on UKC. Warn people that this is a relaxed portion of the forum where posts are not monitored as strict as others.

    General Website

    1. Already been said – but Committee section. Obviously doesn’t work if Committee guys don’t submit a blurb etc.

    2. Calendar? Be a nice touch to post up all the trips, walks, social events of the year on a calendar for all to see.

    3. Put links up for all the trips in the year – I’m sure it again is another working progress…


    1. I’ll get on this now.

    2. Can I have a list of all sections wanted for the “trips” forum?

    3. We have an Off-topic section, however i’ll split this up into “Club Related”, “General Climbing”, “Off Topic” and “Website”.


    1. See other thread

    2. As above

    3. As you said it’s a WIP however anyone with editor privileges can do this, I will add the pages now and any editors can add the content.


    Just going to say that if you want a trip reports section someone is going to have to write the trip report!
    This didn’t happen very much last year (did it happen at all?)


    Thanks Chris for volunteering to write the Freshers trip report!

    And we consider videos to be trip reports. We got two videos last year (I’m counting the half finished one on Myles’ laptop)


    Videos are not trip reports…
    We didnt have much of a structure about where trip reports went once people did them. A subsection of trip  should be trip reports so you have one place to find all of them. gives more motivation to write trip reports


    Another suggestion….

    Similar to the UKC Forum – if a random discussion thread hasn’t had a reply in about a week or something, possibly delete it to stop the forum clogging up with random silly threads that are no longer used.

    Obviously, main threads such as routes/trips etc wont apply to this, but things some of the lost and found once returned could be deleted, or the Psyche Music one if nobody comments for a while.


    Just a thought!


    We can just lock the threads, that way the info is still there you just can’t post into it?


    I wouldn’t delete them. I wouldnt even lock them. They wont clog the forum up because the most recent posted things always appear first so they would just disappear  into the ether which isnt an issue.  Also it means they are still searchable using the forum search incase there is something useful inside the thread.

    The only reason UKC delete the ‘Pub’ threads is because there are thousands of users which means a large amount of data so it would increase there storage costs. this wont be an issue for us as 1. Myles currently hosts it, 2.we wont get 1 days ‘Pub forum’ traffic in a year so the data usage is tiny


    I am going to set up the rules for lost and found

    they are basically

    LOST: – if lost
    FOUND: – if found

    Once the item has been returned the subject gets changed to


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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