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    Andy Hedgy Hayes

    My opinion:

    Edit Roles:

    Committee Only,

    each committee role has own login. Can only edit respective areas.

    Moderater Role:

    Executive committee


    News Role:



    *Passwords changed every 2 years

    • This topic was modified 7 years, 3 months ago by QUBMC Norm. Reason: Moved to website section

    Moderation and News Role – Agreed. Executive Committee and Webmaster should limit crap being put up on it, to ensure that the site does not become cluttered etc. The News aspect needs updated WEEKLY. No point in having this website up and running, if the site becomes stale etc…

    Edit Role – Not so sure about the can only edit respective areas for several reasons.

    1. What prevents say the Gear Sec/Development Officer etc from editing anything on the site? Does WordPress have a preventative measure in place that says that when I log in as Gear Sec I can only edit certain things?

    2. Whilst I agree that there should be some measure of control on who can do what to the site, and I feel that that is important, I think that limiting the editorial privilege of committee members will make the Webmaster’s job actually a little bit more difficult. For instance, I have skimmed through the website information on Membership and Training etc, and have found numerous typographical errors, grammatical errors and formatting errors which would need corrected. (I am aware that the site is new and a fair bit of the information has just been copied and pasted from the previous website so I’m not at all having a dig at anyone). Should I point these out, it would be substantially easier for me as an editor of the site, to go in and correct them there and then, instead of sending an email to the Webmaster pointing out numerous errors and saying “Correct these.” Once corrected, the editor of that work would just send a simple email to the Webmaster/Exec saying what they have done. An element of trust would be needed naturally, but if you can’t trust each other then giving the Committee editorial privilege is pointless (IMHO).

    Website looks great – there are some things that need sorted, more information to be put up (Committee stuff/Trips/Calendar?), but that will be no doubt sorted in due course.

    Great job Myles! Might get you in to sort out the Varsities Website??


    1. Assuming WordPress is like joomla then you can be an editor of a category and a page lies under the category as an article which can be edited.

    2. It makes sense that the anyone on the committee can edit pages while the content is still being ported over from the old site as it will speed up the transition to the one but once the new site is stable, and we bid a fond farewell to the old one, there should be segregation of duties per committee position.
    Segregation of duties is important (perfect example is the old old club site [pre andys]). Its not a matter of trust its a matter of good practice and risk management. You shouldn’t be working outside your remit on the site and having that limitation future proofs the site against any renegade committee members that come about in the future.

    Andys model is perfect
    With Andys model there is very little for the webmaster to actually do other than general website administration, troubleshooting and querying. This includes fixing any typos etc if noticed.

    treat the site as if it is the club store. Not everyone has access to the inner store because they don’t need it. Its all risk/damage limitation. The store is the gear secs baby and you dont want everyone being able to fuck around with it. The same logic applies to the website. Its King of the Internets baby… DONT FUCK WITH HIS BABY!


    1. I’m technologically inept – words were being said on Facebook that I did not understand, hence why I asked about that.

    2. All I can add is that the use of the Gear Store as an example of limitation of access is a good point. However, there are 4 people with access to the inner store and who can sign gear out etc. Having additional people helps alleviate pressure on the Gear Sec so they don’t feel an obligation to be down at the wall at the snap of someones fingers. Was merely applying that logic to the sight. I can see what you are saying, and do accept that too much access will result in “renegade” committee members altering stuff without permission.

    I like this forum by the way – much nicer to use.

    • This reply was modified 7 years, 3 months ago by nbrowne.

    Okay so here are my thoughts,

    Editors (all pages and posts): Committee members only – however users are upgraded to editors upon promotion to committee and demoted accordingly, that way we have user traceability per edit etc.

    Forum Moderation roles: Norm, Webmaster, exec committee + Prebble.

    Web admin role: Norm (only user to have supercow powers – can adjust caching, SEO, plugins etc. Has SSH-FTP access – should NOT be fucked with).

    News (front page): I feel committee members should be able to personally post articles here – bit more friendly that way. We can add categories for each post too – so each user has a respective category they can post in plus a “general” category. Meets sec posts about meets, training about training etc.

    Committee user (forums): Should only be used for general announcements in the forum’s announcement section. This user should NOT be used outside of the forum.

    A note on Norm – he shouldn’t be used for anything other than backend plugin maintenance or caching problems that we (Prebble and I) can’t do on our personal accounts.

    The whole aim here with personal user accounts is traceability and accountability.

    Niall on your recommendation wrt user roles like “gear sec”, “meet sec” – I don’t think this is a good idea, it means more things to manage and abstracts from the user base and makes management harder for me, personal accounts are adequate – we can change your display name to “Niall (Gear Sec)” as needed but a dedicated accounts are a management nightmare.

    On your note of change tracking – WordPress has that built in, not need to email me or norm. I can revert to older versions if I so wish as well. As such, ALL committee members have editorial roles.

    Calendar: I can certainly add this in as a separate page.

    Committee page: I’ll get this up ASAP once I get a layout i’m happy with done.

    I can have a look at doing the varsities site sure – maybe have it as a subdomain of this: ??


    I want access to all the things.



    Wrong thread – fail

    Andy Hedgy Hayes

    My main concern is that all the committee had edit rights before, and it got out of hand. And the site got very messy.. Soo if they do, keep an eye on em.. And be ready and willing to romove edit rights.


    Michael editing of forum posts is for Mods only – Prebble, I – exec committee and norm – will update permissions soon.


    I think Myles your initial post explained things rather well. It pointed out exactly what you think is fair, and what you would like from the site.

    The trust issue about posting and the general issue of messing things up is an important aspect, and to be honest is not something you should just disregard. From what I gather from Myles’ posts is that given that he is paying for the site to be in operation on his own server, it means he has the ability to strip people of the privilege to update the site, and he will not hesitate to do this if there is an issue – which is good.

    Also, with regards to the idea of having a labelled login (i.e: Niall (Gear Sec)) – I was not looking for that at all. Might have been a misinterpretation of a previous post by me.

    Cheers for the moderation allocation – looking forward to having a tinker and seeing how easy such a website can be to update etc (Currently looking to make a website for my Scout Group!!).

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