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    new dodgiest bit of  gear i have ever heard of


    The Club Cat

    You should always trust ‘high speck’ gear, even if there is no testing procedure.

    Still not as bad as plastic nuts, or a monkey fist tied in a piece of tat. I swear I read an article were someone had been testing plastic nuts and was surprised when they were more scratched than metal ones… Made them wonder about their durability.


    Ask you’ll be grand maybe appropriate here



    Plastic nuts are grand, they just have a shorter life. they match wallnuts in strength but if you fall on them, they wont be coming out!


    the ground spider looks pretty cool. having anchored off windbush before, I would have happily used one of them over tying a sling around a tiny bush and brace against a small stone!

    The Club Cat


    I know they’re grand, but if you buy plastic nuts and expect them to last as long as metal ones, you deserve everything you get.



    Review of some ‘CE certified’ cams. Not biased at all, being hosted on their site…

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    Ground spider looks perfect for blank top outs. Been a few times I wish I had an axe to stick in some turf / soil. This has more points of contact so should be better.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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