Fresher’s Trip


The first trip of the year and a chance for you to get involved from the very beginning of your time in the club! This is one of the most popular trips with an average of 60 attendees, so you definitely do not want to miss out! As the first club trip of the year, this is the perfect opportunity to meet new people and become integrated into an incredibly warm and welcoming club. Good craic and banter is guaranteed. In addition to the spectacular climbing and hill walking that the Mourne Mountains offer, there is an equal amount of events back in the cottage to keep the festivities going. This includes;

  • The infamous “Rave in the Barn.”
  • The Chair – probe the committee members with embarrassing questions.
  • The traditional Presidential Song.

The accommodation for the weekend is the Queen’s Cottage located in the heart of the Mourne Mountains. The cottage has a range of facilities including a fully fitted kitchen, 4 cubicle toilets, 2 electric showers and sleeping room for ~30 people.

PLEASE NOTE: This is the one club trip in the year where those attending will be supplied with an evening meal on the Saturday and breakfast each morning. A vegetarian option is included. However you will be expected to provide a lunch for both days, along with any snacks you may want.

The weekend takes the following general format.

Friday Evening:
Departure takes place from the Queens PEC by coach at ~6pm and arrival is expected at ~8pm following a brief stop off at Tesco’s to purchase the essential liquid libations…
The Friday evening is the chance for the Freshers to introduce themselves and get to know the other club members. This includes the traditional Presidential Song and the infamous “Rave in the Barn.”

Following the “traditional” wake up call, breakfast is provided at ~9am with the intention of departing for the hills at ~10am. The group is split into three separate groups that are led by experienced club members, with hill-walking, scrambling and climbing on offer (Weather dependent of course…!) This is the perfect chance to witness the beauty of the mountains in a relaxing setting, and don’t worry if you are a slow walker – so are some of the older club members! Saturday evening sees a continuation of the previous nights antics, only this time everybody will be a bit more familiar with each other. On Sunday, following a quick clear up of the cottage the coach will depart from the Mournes at ~6pm and you should be back at Queen’s by ~8pm at the latest.

For a list of what you need to bring with you, click on the attached link.

All club members attending any club trip are expected to fill out an emergency contact form which is supplied at the PEC Climbing Wall. All Associate members must have their own insurance before attending any club trip.

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