Scotland Trip

A brilliant introduction to winter mountaineering and strongly recommended if you are thinking of the alpine trip this summer. Freshers will have a combination of guides and experienced club members to show them the ropes. This trip is the embodiment of type two fun, but hot aches and blizzards are a small price to pay to hit mountains with axes.

Monday 26th January:
Meet at the students union at 6:30am. We pile into the minibus and a few cars, get the Stena over to Stranraer and drive up to Aviemore. It’s a long aul drive so make sure to bring the craic! No better time to get to know the club than when trapped in a tin for hours on end. If we get to Aviemore without murdering each other, we will pile into the hostel and fight over rooms instead. That evening we will split the freshers into two halves and the guides will arrive with instructions on what to pack for the next day.

27th and 28th
The freshers will go out with the guides both days and will be shown everything they need to know to stay safe in the snow. It’s great craic and you will learn loads, abseiling off snow bollards and jumping headfirst down slopes to practice stopping yourself. The experienced guys will split up and do various routes on thier lonesome. The routes will range from easy to daft, the less experienced will be paired off with the more experienced and nobody will be made to climb anything they don’t want to!

Rest of Trip
Now that everyone knows which end of an axe is up we will split into groups and attack the mountains from all sides. Scotland is generally a more serious trip, the early starts and long cold days mean less alcohol and partying and more route planning and cups of tea. Some people take a rest day inbetween, it’s exhausting! But sure we joined this club to climb mountains, not just to talk about it.

Monday 2nd February:
We get up daftly early, load up the minibus and cars and start the drive home. The ferry leaves at 19:30 and gets into belfast after however long ferrys take. Check out this video from the year Myles and his army of gopros came on the trip!

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