Spain Trip

The Spain trip acts as an introduction to the exciting world of sport climbing for the freshers of the club. Generally held in El Chorro in southern Spain at the end of February, it is to be thought of as the exact opposite of the Scotland trip, with warm sunny days, short walk ins, and relaxing evenings drinking cheap Spanish wine by the bottle all contributing to make this trip firmly “type 1 fun”.

The trip begins with a bus ride to Dublin airport (buses departing later in the day than 02.00 are strictly prohibited). Following this we get the first flight of the day to Malaga. Upon arrival, generally before 11.00 a few hours will be killed in Malaga waiting on the train to El Chorro, this is spent purchasing provisions for the week and sleeping on street corners to recover from the long journey. The train to El Chorro takes less than an hour and the group should ideally arrive before 16.00. Now all that remains of the first day is to haul all the food and gear up the hill to the accommodation, make dinner, and relax (the more adventurous may wish to climb something).

The second day of the trip is when it all really gets under way, with the whole group generally sticking together and climbing at the same crag so experienced members can look after freshers. At this point its important to stress that everyone on the trip should be comfortable and competent in lead climbing and lead belaying, as well as knowing how to top-out on a sport route.

The next 5-7 days generally follow in the same vein, splitting in to smaller groups, climbing the routes that you want and pushing your sport climbing grade in the day, before coming back to the hostel having dinner and craic in the evening. Rest days are also a thing on the Spain trip with some opting to spend time walking around the area to take in the pleasant scenery, or just relaxing by the pool back at the hostel.

Getting home on the last day is essentially the opposite of the outgoing trip, only the flights are at slightly more forgiving hours, all going well the trip arrives at Europa Bus centre  by 19.00.



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