How to use a forum

We just wanted to address a few of the reasons why we switched / explain what you need to do to get set up on the new system.

Pros of Website

  • Onsite notifications of banter (like Facebook system
  • You can get notifications to your desktop
  • You can get notifications to your phone
  • People without Facebook don’t miss out (yes they do exist)
  • Banter in same place as club news/announcements
  • Banter in same place as club trip information.
  • We can have detailed trip reports
  • We can have “how-to”s
  • Event calendar updates, so you know trip dates if your not on committee
  • Nothing is lost i.e in 3 months time you can still find that daft image of O’Hagen.
  • New members Google “qub mountaineering” and find our professional, active website

Cons of Website

  • No one likes change.
  • When on internet I have to open Facebook AND qubmc, that’s like two tabs.

How to use the new system

The main reason people seem annoyed is that they weren’t getting Facebook notifications when people post banter on the page.

This is true, but it’s because you weren’t meant to post on the page at all. You were meant to use the club forum, stop posting on the facebook page.

Now there is a new Facebook group just for banter! You should have already been invited.

If you go to our website,, you will see this. If you click the blue “Login with Facebook”  button (circled in green in top right) then you can register with a simple click.

Whenever anybody replys to a thread you are part of, you will get a notification on qubmc identically to how notifications worked on facebook.


Now to find the posts you can click on the FORUMS button at the top.

The forum is broken down into sub topics and any recent activity in these topics will be stated on the right hand side.

But if you can’t be bothered with actually clicking the forum button you; on the bottom left (green arrow in picture) you will see the latest craic along with who posted it, what its about and what sub forum its in.

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