Notifications: Windows, Linux and Android

How to set up desktop notifications

By no means necessary, personally I would find a pop-up or beep every-time a new post is made quite annoying but you have the option now.

The website has RSS feeds, which means “data stream of updates” and with a RSS reader, you can get these updates.

I tried 7 different readers for you guys, and this one seems the simplest to use. Install this program.

Once installed, it will appear on your start bar at the bottom right. (Orange logo, shown below).


Right click on it and click preferences and you see this.


Click add. Now you can add the RSS feeds you want. There are two club feeds to choose from, one is the forum posts and the other is club news.

For club news updates enter:

For forum updates enter:

Now this menu will pop-up. The only thing you might want to change is the polling interval, i.e how often it checks the forum to see if it has updated.


Click okay and you’re done! The feed is added and when someone posts to to the forum the computer will beep and a pop-up will appear with the craic.


You can change the colour, position, sound and duration of the pop-up by clicking the computer symbol here. You can even turn pop-ups off so it wont ever bother you. The little orange logo will just sit on your start bar silently waiting for you to click on it, at which point it will tell you all the posts since you last clicked.

How to set up phone notifications

Even easier than on a desktop.

Again there are countless RSS reader apps so I chose a simple one.

Download “RSS Junkie” from android app store. It looks like this.


Open the menu.

This means clicking the menu button on your phone, it is different on every phone. You know where it is, its the button you press when you want options. If you got this far without using it you either just bought your phone or shouldn’t own one.

Tap “Add feed…”

Tap “Manually add a feed address”

Now for club news updates enter: or for forum updates enter:

Tap “Add”

If you want both feeds then repeat the process.

If you get stuck in a loop, I urge you to never read your shampoo bottle.

You now have the feed! It will fill up when people post. Mine looks like this.

Now you want to customise the notifications Open the menu.

Tap “more…”

Tap “Settings…”


You got all the options!

You can have it vibrate, the LED flash, pick any sound you want or do none of the above.

If the latter the app will never bother you and you can just tap it to see the latest posts.

You can also chose the number of posts it retains, whether it downloads in the background and change the colours.


Ooooh,  black!

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