Traditional Climbing

Traditional Climbing (Trad) is a discipline that involves the placing of different protection into the rock as the lead climber progresses up a chosen route. At the top of any climb, the lead climber will construct an anchor system and belay his/her partner up the route, who will strip the gear out as they climb. This is the main type of climbing undertaken in the UK and Ireland and is considered a very pure form of climbing due to the strong ethics about “Leave No Trace.”

Progression through the grades of Traditional Climbing takes time, and is best achieved through an apprenticeship of climbing a substantial amount of lower grade climbs until you become confident with the placement of different gear along with the technical climbing. QUB Mountaineering Club stresses the importance of partnering with a more experienced climber in the beginning so that not only is the correct teaching and knowledge passed on, but that you come away from each trip with great experiences.

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