The Official Freshers’ Trip Report

So I have been commissioned by our benevolent President Jonny to write the official trip report, and so I shall begin with the token song of my choice to fit the mood of the whole affair.

Though I myself was not on the bus down from Belfast, I can guess much of the details.  All the younglings hopped aboard with enthusiasm and some nerves.  “Oh Boy!”, they must have thought, “I’ve never been outside before!”.  They were but an hour or so from Newcastle, where they stopped off in Tescos to find some refreshments for the weekend, as well as snacks and essential home comforts such as coffee and tea.

After this a quick jaunt to the Head Road and the cottage, where they dismounted and began the walk up the short lane.  After settling in to their bunks, merriment began.  General chatter by the fire and a social drink, just like they had all seen in the films and their dreams.  A call was sounded, a surprise in the barn!?!? What was this!?!? Hahahaha, entertainment had been organised.  The President was to perform the time honored song of his term.  More games followed such as asking the committee members some slightly embarrassing questions, ha ha he he, what banter was had.  Then the Rave began in earnest and the dancing began.

The theme of the night was craic and enjoyment, as those too tired to dance made discussion while having a smoke outside, or a sip of wine inside by the fire.  Even some cheese toasties were enjoyed, while stories of outdoor endeavors was shared with the freshers to inspire them, and fill them with hope as to what the new day would bring.  At around midnight (I know quite late, but they were a rather giddy lot) we managed to send all parties to their beds, wrapped up snug they slept with bliss.

The next day all awoke with a new vigor, and after a good hearty breakfast of porridge and coffee all began a brisk pace for Lower Cove for the first taste of outdoor climbing in the Mournes.  After a gentle pace, we reached the foot of the cliff and began the process of setting up top-ropes and getting people up the rock.  Aimee stuck out with several others on the walking contingent for a gentle scenic route to the cottage.  After several fun filled hours, we packed up and headed back safely for the second evening.

A slightly more relaxed affair than the previous night, only up till eleven this time.  But still much fun to be had, we played the cereal box game, along with other party classics such as pass the parcel.  The tired young ankle bitters tucked into bed again, we rested till morning.  Another relaxing awakening later, the final day began, with a lovely trip to Wee Binnian, and for the more adventurous Binnian actual.  A general talkative group was formed on Wee Binnian, while some tried a bit of scrambling under the watchful super vision of the elders, and after lunch was had, we headed back to the cottage to tidy up.  Soon bags were packed onto the bus, and all began the journey back to Belfast, with and appreciation for nature and its beauty.

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