Your Committee – 2019/2020

President: Orla McAteer

Hi my name is Orla and I’m the President for 2019/2020. I’m a final year Geography student here at Queens and when I’m not climbing I spend the rest of my time sailing. Really enjoy trad climbing but for one week of the year you’ll find me playing around in Scottish snow. Always loved hiking around the Mournes so decided to join the club when I started Uni. I didn’t have much climbing experience but I’ve come a long way since then. Personally I know you can learn a lot from the club but what you get out of it is very much what you put in, make the effort! You’ll always find me about the wall so come say hi and have a chat.

Vice President: Ian Lemon

Hi there, my name is Ian and I am this year’s Vice President. I’m in my fourth year studying Physics with medical applications and it’s also my fourth year with QUBMC.
As VP my role is to help the committee with anything they can think of, while helping all members climb safely and learn new skills. Hopefully everyone gets a chance to see there is much more to climbing than what you can do indoors. I enjoyed hiking when I was younger and have been climbing now for a few years. I am still learning myself, but maybe I can give you a few pointers that could save you some time.
Some of the best things about the club are the trips and the experiences you can gain from them, not only are they a relatively cheap “holiday” but they’re the best way to get to know like-minded people. I have done winter mountaineering and mixed climbing in Scotland with the club along with trips to the Alps with a few other club members. At the other end of the spectrum is the club sport climbing trip to Spain but you can’t beat home when it comes to my favourite type of climbing, trad/traditional. This is possible all over the world but can be done locally in the Mourne Mountains and at Fairhead. The club also has trips to Donegal and one of my favourites; a week-long stay on Gola (an island off the Donegal coast).
All I can say is get stuck in and if you have any questions then don’t hesitate to ask. Hopefully I’ll see you about climbing soon!

Treasurer: Anna Parry

Hey there, my name is Anna, and I’m in my third year of studying Aerospace Engineering here at Queen’s.
I’ve been climbing with the club for the last two years, and I’ve been able to learn a load of skills and apply them in a variety of scenarios, from the Mournes to Scottish Winter. One piece of advice: make the most of the trips – they’re a fantastic opportunity to get out, learn something new, and have a great time!
Mountaineering is an activity for all abilities, whether you’re an experienced Alpinist, a keen boulderer, or just fancy going out for a wander once in a while. Get involved, and get outdoors, always lovely to see new faces around!

Secretary: Michael Montgomery

Hi, I’m Michael and I’m the club secretary for the 2019/20 year! I’ll be handling most of the club’s admin stuff, so feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about membership, trips or just want some general information on the club. Before joining QUBMC, I only had a little indoor climbing experience – but there are some incredible trips to get involved in that’ll allow you to quickly build your ability and confidence (Scotland Winter Trip being the best, in my opinion!). My advice to new joiners is to grasp all opportunities for improvement with both hands, and be proactive about asking for help or advice! So go on – Lace up your climbing shoes and get stuck into life at the University’s greatest club… see you at the wall!

Gear Secretary: Emelie Pepito

I’m Emelie and the gear sec. I’m in my third year of a Juris Doctorate, and I like to distract myself by learning about anything but law.
I grew up in the foothills in California. On Sundays, my family used to drive into the mountains and go hiking or canoeing. I’ve done a fair bit of back-packing around Yosemite and the Emigrant Wilderness. Then for several years, I was a white water guide and took groups of kids outdoor climbing and scrambling in a river gorge. But with summer temperatures over 40, on the weekends I’d rather take an inflatable kayak down the river then climb on sun-exposed rock where you’re pretty much frying your fingers on the way up. So, I didn’t really get climbing personally till 2017, but I spent a long weekend climbing on these soaring cliffs overlooking Lake Tahoe, and it was incredible. Then, when I applied for Queen’s, I checked if they had a climbing club and was excited to keep climbing and get involved in the club.
It’s going to be a class year and looking forward to closer involvement as gear sec.

Development Officer: Alex Kok

Hi, my name is Alex and I am the Development Officer for the year 2019/2020. I’m in my third year of Architecture and it’s also my third year with QUBMC. I have been hiking since I was young but only gotten into climbing when I joined the club in 2017
As the Development Officer my role is to work with all members so that they can climb safely and learn new skills. Hopefully everyone gets a chance to see there is much more to climbing than what you can do indoors. I’m still learning myself but maybe I can give you a few pointers and save you some time. Some of the best things about the club are the trips and the experiences you can gain from them. They are also a great way to get to know your fellow club members and have a good time with them. If any of you have any questions do not hesitate to ask and I hope to see you climbing soon!

Mountaineering Officer: Andrew Ruddel

Hello, I am Andrew Ruddell and I will be the Mountaineering Officer for the oncoming year, and am (hopefully) heading into second year of Mechanical Engineering at Queens. I was made to walk up and down hill’s since I was a wee tacker, not that I’m very tall now, and I started climbing about 6 years ago once I realised that there comes a point when something is too steep to walk up. I’m known for being a tad excitable so hopefully I’ll be able to enthuse people to get out and wear out some boots.
My dubious exploits have taken me up the Mournes, Lake District, Peak District, Northern Cairngorms and Bavaria in the summer and thanks to the club back to the Cairngorms in the winter. During that time I’ve only broken my arm once, given myself one scar and been partially buried once, so hopefully I’ve learnt from my faffing about!

Meets Secretary: Conor Robb

C – Copying Lenni’s format

O – Organised as heck

N – Never say no to pub (almost)

O – Orange hair

R – Really excited to be on committee this year!

Public Relations: Bradley Crooks

What’s happening? My names Bradley Crooks and I’m this years new (and improved) PR guy! I’m currently studying French and Spanish and have been climbing for about a year. My favourite trip last year was when the club went to Spain. I lost my passport and couldn’t actually go, but the thought of spending a week climbing in Spain was nice… If you need any pictures taken, info about events or just a hype man while you climb, give me shout!

Keep er’ lit!

Webmaster: Jamie Robinson

Hi I’m Jamie, I am an Astrophysics PhD student and your Webmaster. I joined QUBMC when I moved back to Belfast after my undergraduate degree at the University of Durham. I have always been an outdoors person, I love hiking and camping, but I had never thought to seriously try climbing. When I first joined I was a complete novice, but through the guidance of QUBMC members I have developed a real passion for climbing. You will often see me at Boulderworld or the PEC wall, but I get my kicks from trad climbing in the Mournes or being a punter in Scotland and the Alps. You just can’t beat getting outdoors!