Your Committee – 2020/2021

President: Emelie Pepito

I am Emelie Pepito, and the President for 2020/21. This is my final year of a Juris
Doctorate at Queen’s. I climbed in 2017, but really started enjoying it the following
year. I prefer sport and Trad but enjoy bouldering. My favourite climbing experiences
to date have been Trad trips to Gola and the Peak District and a sport trip to Malta.
Last year I was QUBMC’s gear secretary and I enjoyed messing about with the gear
and using the label maker. I am quite excited for the presidential role and it’s a fab
committee. The upcoming year will be a bit strange with the ‘global pandemic thing’
going on. But hopefully all goes well, and we’ll have some class times at the wall, in
the pub, and out on trips. Here’s to climbing, drinking with mates, and smiling at
strangers without feeling like you’ve contaminated them. High hopes for 2020/21.

Vice President: Jamie Robinson

Hi I’m Jamie, I’m an Astrophysics PhD student and this year I am the Vice President of QUBMC. After completing my undergrad at the University of Durham I moved back to Belfast for further study at Queen’s; QUBMC was the first club I joined here and my time since has been amazing. I have always enjoyed being active and outdoors and through the club I have learned many skills, in particular trad climbing and mountaineering. Now I want to do my best to give back to the club: helping things run smoothly, passing on whatever skills I can and allowing QUBMC to continue to be a place where the adventurous can push their limits (and mind their ankle!).

Treasurer: Wil Lynn

Hello I am Wil and I will be your treasurer for the 2020/2021 academic year. I’m currently undertaking my second year mathematics. I was lucky enough to be quite involved with the club during my first year. While I had no previous experience climbing both indoor or outdoor I had always wanted to give it a try. Now while the climbing and trips that the club offers are spectacular it was the people in the club that had me coming back every week, not only are they extremely enthusiastic but are also some of the most welcoming people I have ever met. Here is hoping for another great year of awesome climbing and amazing craic. So if you see me down at the wall don’t be afraid to say hi, I don’t bite(probably).

Secretary: Mair Loxton

I am from Snowdonia and have been climbing for a while. My climbing aim for
this year is to get into trad climbing and I will push for the trad trip to run in the
spring. I will be starting my second year studying psychology in September and
hopefully being on the committee will be a welcome break from endless
psychological journals. The club really helped me settle into uni so I hope I can
give something back through my role as secretary.

Gear Secretary: Matthew Cole

Hi my name is Matthew I’m in my 3rd year of Civil Engineering and the gear sec for the club this year. I’ve been climbing for over 2 years and chose to run for gear sec to mask my poor climbing ability because I spend too much time looking at gear and not enough looking at routes. Scotland is my favourite trip and I’m really interested in developing my trad climbing. I will be available to answer any gear related questions or a friendly chat in the gear store. 

Development Officer: Conor McNamara

Hey all, I’m Conor, your Development Officer this year. My job is to train you guys up from the absolute hazards you are and into the model climbers you all can be! I’ll be helping not only freshers to the club but anyone that wants to improve their own personal skills, knowledge, or anything they else they need (I’m NOT doing your degrees, I’m free Bay-bay!). I can also help people get sorted if they’re looking to attend any training courses. So feel free to talk to me at the wall message! I’m currently working as a Trainee at Tollymore National Outdoor Centre, so teaching outdoor skills is something I very much enjoy, and besides mountaineering I enjoy kayaking, canoeing, cocktail making, movies, music and videogames. With Jamie’s help I’ve also been getting into homebrewing.

Mountaineering Officer: Fiona Strahan

I’m Fiona, the new Mountaineering Officer for 2020/2021. This will be my 4th year in the club, and sadly my final year at university, so I am excited to be part of the committee and to get out hiking with you all! Throughout my time in the club I have been able to learn many new skills, go on exciting trips and make some amazing friends. Make sure to come and say hi to me at the wall, I look forward to seeing you all when club time starts again!

Meets Secretary: Matt Barker

Hi, I’m Matt and will be your meets sec for the coming year. I’m currently approaching my third year studying for a PhD in Pharmacy. While I’ve always had a love for the mountains and getting outside before joining the club my climbing experiences had mostly been limited to indoor gyms. Since joining QUBMC I’ve been able to get climbing outside far more, both locally and abroad, which I’ve really enjoyed. The club has a great social presence both at and away from the wall which makes for a great way to meet new people. Here’s to another great year and plenty of post-corona adventures!

Public Relations: Kathryn McKevitt

Hi I am Kathryn. I am a final year adult nursing student and the PR for QUBMC this year! I’ve been part of the club for 2 years. I’ve really enjoyed my time at Queen’s and all the amazing friends I’ve made in the Club. My favourite club trip has to be Spain, with Gola as a close second. I enjoy sport climbing and I’m keen to give trad climbing a go -if I ever build up the nerve. I hope to add more hype to the club and add a bit of friendly competition. Keep an eye out for challenges, club trip videos and social media updates….. most importantly COME TO THE PUB!!!!

Webmaster: Catríona O’Neill

Hey I’m Catríona, I am the new webmaster for 2020/2021 and a final year computing student. Growing up beside the Mournes I have always enjoyed hiking but had never tried climbing before joining the club last year. In the last year I have loved getting involved with the club in terms of learning new skills, going on trips and meeting loads of great people. You will find me at the PEC during club time, so come say hi!